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Date : September 27, 2014


TheDraw (TDF) Fonts Tool Version 1.2 Release

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Published on: September 27, 2014
Hello Folks, I released in April this year the first version of my TDF – TheDraw Fonts File Tool for Windows. ??I released version shortly after without making a special announcement. It introduced some improvements to the interface and new feature (which did not work :(, but it does now hehe).   What’s New in Version 1.2.0? Summary Custom Preview Text Option Fixed (it was always reverting to “My Text” before) Build-In TheDraw and DOSBOX Emulator to launch current font directly in the EDITOR Figlet Font Types Import Support (.FIG, .FLF, .FIGLET and .ZIP (zipped Figlet Fonts) Ansi Text Editor (ATE) Font Types (.ATEF) Import & Export Support Some other bug fixes, such as sudden crashes after sorting fonts by title etc. Collection of over 550 Fonts included now!   Custom Preview Text (fixed)?? The not working feature to specify a custom preview text that I introduced to Version is now working. I did not even noticed the bug myself until I wrapped up the current version, that’s why I did not release a bug fix earlier already. Anyhow. I think its a nice feature, especially, if you are looking for an ANSI logo for your group, site or whatever and want to see right away, how it looks in a particular font. This makes even more sense now, since the number of fonts already included as extra in the ZIP package is way beyond 550! by now (actually close to 580). Build-In TheDraw and DOSBOX MS DOS[…]
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