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Date : September 5, 2014


VBS2EXE CommandLine & .FNT Tool Editor Updates

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Published on: September 5, 2014
I have two small tool updates available for download.?? VBScript to Win32 Executable Tool My VBS2EXEcutable tool used to be GUI only. Using the tool myself to generate quick “Uninstall” links for most of my tools that the user does not have to search for it in the Windows Control Panel, I realized that a command line version is really what I need, to generate a new Uninstaller EXE via a pre-configured batch file in the programs project directory. VBS2EXE Command Line by Roy/SAC —————————— Usage: —————————— VBS2EXECommandLine.exe <SCRIPT> <EXE> [/mode:w|c|s] [/batch] [/icon:<ICON>] [/h|/?] —————————— Basic: —————————— VBS2EXECommandLine.exe <SCRIPT> <SCRIPT> = the script file to process for example c:\temp\myscript.vbs —————————— Parameters: —————————— <EXE> = The Output EXE File Name* * If suppressed, read settings from script file is assumed. See ‘Settings from Script’ below. /mode: c|w|s = Script Execution Mode (Default: c) ‘c’ (or ‘cscript’ or ‘cscript.exe’) = Use CScript ‘w’ (or ‘wscript’ or ‘wscript.exe’) = Use WScript ‘s’ (or ‘start’ or ‘direct’) = Call Directly /icon:<ICON> = Optional, Path to .ICO Icon File to Include —————————— Switches: —————————— /batch = Use Batch mode. Only valid for CScript to enabled /b Option /? or /h = This help screen —————————— Settings from Script: —————————— Conversion options are automatically added to <SCRIPT> Source. This allows the simple execution of this tool the next time You only need to pass on the <SCRIPT> file as the only parameter. You can also add the settings yourself before hand, if you wish. The Settings[…]
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