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Date : August 31, 2014


A Little .FNT Tool for Programmers

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Published on: August 31, 2014
  I saw this format first in the source code of an earlier version of PabloDraw by Curtis Wensley aka Eto and found it very useful. I saw it again used for a EGA/VGA DOS Font collection from 1992 by Joseph (Yossi) Gil (, which also comes with a set of tools, such as BREAKCPI.COM, which breaks the current EGA.CPI into fonts or DUMPFONT.COM, which is another tool to extract system fonts. The fonts are naturally all bitmap fonts, mono-spaced and monochrome (black/white). The size per character is usually one of the following (Width X Height in pixels): 8×8, 8×14 or 8×16 pixels. The font files in the collection by Joseph lack the “HEADER” though, meaning the width and height information are not part of the file. He simply used the file extensions “Fxx“, where “xx” specified the height (width wasn’t needed, because all his fonts had the same width (8 pixels)). Since I added a header to all the fonts in his collection and made it part of mine, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. However, if you happen to use one of his tools to extract new fonts, you can add a header very easily by using the DOS command: “copy /b Fxx.BIN + FONTFILE.FNT NEWFONTFILE.FNT“ “Fxx.BIN” should be one of the files from this archive , depending on the font HEIGHT, e.g. F08.BIN or F16.BIN. But enough of this and lets get to the actual stuff here. The .FNT file format that I am introducing[…]
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