ANSI/ASCII Converter Tool Version 1.05.00 Release

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Published on: July 12, 2014

It’s time for new releases and updates obviously so here comes another one, an update of my ANSI/ASCII converter tool, which allows you to convert via GUI or command line, single file or batch, the conversion of ASCII Text Files, like oldskool NFO files and ANSI and ANSI like files (such as Avatar, PCBoard, WildCat BBS 2.X/3.X or Text .BIN) to various other formats, including Image types (.GIF, .PNG, .JPG, .BMP, .ICO and more) and also to HTML Web or Video Formats (which is meant for the conversion of ANSI Animations), such as the popular for the WEB Flash format (.FLV), but also .WMV, .AVI, .MPG or even Animated Gif. Furthermore, Oldskool ASCII Text files from DOS can also be converted to modern Unicode format text files in UTF-8 or UTF-16 format.

Okay, so much for the summary. The core functionality of the tool did not change much, more the handling and additional features were affected.


Tool Download Page


List of changes:

  • Fixed problem if source ASCII used only LF instead of CRLF for line breaks.
  • Shows Loading Screen, if started and files from previous session existed.
  • If specific setting is clicked, only that setting will be enabled in settings screen (less confusing and easier to find). Settings irrelevant for current option don’t open settings dialog anymore.
  • Ability to Pause or Abort running conversion batch. This option was also added to the Library, including events to handle, including:
    • StatusChanged
    • ProcessFinished
    • ListItemRemoved
  • Additional Properties Added:
    • Status
    • Cancelled (boolean)
  • Additonal Methods:
    • CancelProcessing
    • PauseProcessing
    • ResumeProcessing
  • Auto-Sorting of selected files.
  • Some layout changes made to interface.
  • Message shown in log about how many files were added to selected file-list.
  • Unicode Blocks Screen. Click on Character opens detail screen with many more information to selected Unicode character.
  • Code Pages List Screen. “Compare” feature added to show differences between CP 437 to all other code pages.
  • Upgrade to DOT.NET Framework 4 (previously 3.5)
  • Structure of Converter.dll Assembly a bit more cleaned up and structured, Help-file for Developers added.


The Source Code of the Tool itself is also available for download at the specially created project for the converter at

More New TheDraw .TDF ANSI Fonts, Yeah!

If you saw my post about by ANSI Editor beta release, you saw already that I added a bunch of new fonts?? to my TheDraw ANSI Fonts Collection. What you might not know is the fact, that I actually updated the post many times since it was originally published, adding more and more fonts to the list. I started with 9 Fonts, I believe, well, now its 48!! new fonts in that post alone… and it never stopped. There are more new fonts and more fonts to come on the horizon, so stay tuned!

Growing Number of new Font Additions moved to separate blog post here.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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