… And More TheDraw ANSI & ASCII Fonts!

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Published on: April 19, 2014

Welcome back Folks,

I posted only a couple weeks ago about the re-design and extension of my TheDraw ANSI/ASCII Fonts Collection. But since then, the collection was expanded significantly again.

The total number of Fonts was boosted from 112 to 141 (That’s an addition of 29 Fonts)! About half of the new additions are fonts that I found in my existing archives scattered here and there. The other half are fonts that I created new myself.

Many of those new fonts that I created for TheDraw are fonts that were created for the ASCII Font Tool “Figlet” using the FIGFonts Standard. Figlet only supports ASCII fonts (no Color) so I created colored versions of some of the fonts all by myself.

Most of the new additions that I created are fonts that are complete or almost complete, which is usually rare for existing TheDraw fonts, meaning that next to standard letters and maybe numbers, also a lot of special and punctuation characters are available for those fonts.

Check out the updated TheDraw Fonts Collection of mine here!

Here is list of most of the additions that I created myself, previously not available as TheDraw Font anywhere.

TheDraw Font Colossal TheDraw Font Fraktur TheDraw Font Roman Newskool Color2
TheDraw Font Roman Newskool TheDraw Font Roman Newskool Color TheDraw Font Blood Large
TheDraw Font Blood Large Color TheDraw Font Cosmic
TheDraw Font Blood Small Color TheDraw Font Blood Small
TheDraw Font Graffiti TheDraw Font Larry 3D
TheDraw Font Stripes TheDraw Font Stripes Small
TheDraw Font USA Flag TheDraw Font Pepper

I hope you enjoy it,


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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