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Date : February 2014


Blog, Atom, RSS, XML and Syndication/Aggregation ! ?

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Published on: February 21, 2014
Blogs, Blogging, XML, ATOM, RSS explained in simple Words. Written for the regular people using the Internet and not for tech-savvy Geeks. Note: I wrote this post originally in 2006 for another Blog, which is unfortunately offline today (and not coming back). I thought that the post has value to bring it back to life on my personal blog here. It also helps me to revive this blog of mine as well :). Table of Content 1. Foreword 2. Blogs (also called Weblog or Web Log) 3. XML 4. ATOM 5. RSS 6. Readers, Syndication / Aggregation 7. Closing Words 8. Resources 1. Foreword Many folks are not Internet or Computer Newbies, they are using their Laptops and the Internet every day very extensively. Okay, most are not what we call a computer geek and do not know much about web development, databases and how Google works. You don’t have to anymore. Trying to explain something very technical to somebody who’s technical skills end with the ability to program their video recorder* (* =Tivo, but with tape cassettes) is quite a challenge. I tried this during two lunch meetings to explain it to a friend of mine. During the first meeting were my explanations filled to much with technical details and did not help him much to understand the thing any better than before. During the second time did I more reference to things he already new, like Newspaper and Magazine Websites, Email and the News Page on our Website.[…]
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