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Date : August 2010


OSDM VOBJ and OBJ Vector Objects Tool V3.2Beta Release

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Published on: August 2, 2010
Although my last post was also about a VOBJ/OBJ tool release of mine, I decided to post another, because I made a significant amount of changes and additions to it to warrant giving it this kind of exposure and attention hehe. I suggest reading the previous post ???OSDM .VOBJ and .OBJ Tool V3.0Beta Released???, if you are interested in the general subject of ???Oldskool Demomaker??? by Testaware, 3D Vector graphics and Geometry math etc. You can download Version 3.2B of my tool at?????? Also check out the included release intro hehe. You can find additional tools, resources and my own OSDM productions at the OSDM section of web site. There you will also be able to find always the latest version of my VOBJ/OBJ Vector Object Tool for Oldskool Demomaker. So what???s new since my release of Version 3.0B? Here is the list of changes and additions, including comments and notes to the individual item. Version 3.1B General NEW– Version History records started UPD ??? Documentation extended (see especially “Last Notes” section) Main Tool UPD ??? Intersecting Polygon Detection Redone NEW ??? Color Optimization also includes removal of not used Colors Tools Section NEW ??? VOBJ to Wavefront OBJ Converter NEW ??? VOBJ to Renderware RWX Converter UPD ??? New Version of Triangles to Quad Merger UPD ??? Polygon Reduction Tool (own class now) NEW ??? Switch to derive Output File Name+Path from Input File UPD ??? Renderware (RWX) to VOBJ Converter Tool Offset Input no longer necessary[…]
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