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Date : July 19, 2010


OSDM .VOBJ and .OBJ Tool V3.0Beta Released

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Published on: July 19, 2010
For everybody who does not know about my tool (und thus its previous versions) a quick introduction that everybody will know what I am talking about :). I will also talk about much more than just my tool, but general problems and research projects in regards to vector graphics for OSDM and in general actually. Vector Graphics in Oldskool Demomaker The demoscene tool ???Oldskool Demomaker??? by Peace of Testaware to create oldskool style intro and demo?? productions like in the good old days supports vector graphics. Very basic with little more than some fake light shading of flat-shaded quad polygon-vector objects with only a limited number of faces and data points (the number 1.000 is what you could call the border-line area for the size of the mesh. Less than 1.000 okay, above that, may be, may be not. try!) Unfortunately is the format for the mesh definitions not a standard one or something used by any 3D modeling software that I know of (still looking for the one,?? that was used to borrow the mesh layout from, if there is any). This makes it very hard to create or change any vector objects. The definition is in readable text format and not binary, but that???s not unusual for this kind of data. It does not help much with making changes to it, because what???s missing is the visual element (in 3 dimensions) , which is of the utmost importance. Looking at the columns of numbers for data points and[…]
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