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Date : May 21, 2010


Animations for OSDM ??? Oldskool Demomaker (Tutorial)

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Published on: May 21, 2010
Here is a little tutorial for OSDM. I will add it later to the OSDM Wiki as well. Oldskool Demomaker does not support animated GIFs or any other animation/video format, but it is capable of rendering something like an animation via the work-around, which is called ???Frame Animation Images???. This is basically a generic flat image in PNG, JPG or other format supported by OSDM, which contains all frames for the animation. The only thing you have to do is tell OSDM how many frames the image contains and it will automatically slice up the image into equal size pieces, which are then shown one after another, with the speed of changing from one frame to another, depending on the value for ???delay??? that also needs to be specified for a frame animation image. The Logo feature supports ???Vertical Frame Animations??? and the Sprites and Bounce Bobs features support ???Horizontal Frame Animations???. The difference between the two is how the frames are arranged within the image; Vertical means on top of each other and horizontal means that they are arranged next to each other. Example: Frame animation image dimensions: 200??200 pixels, Number of frames: 2 – Vertical Frame Animation Frame Size: 200??100 pixels or – Horizontal Frame Animation Frame Size: 100??200 pixels Creating Frame Animations Now, those frame animation images are hard to create by hand, because you have to be very precise. It is also virtually impossible to proper align the content within each frame to get a smooth[…]
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