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Date : December 14, 2009


Malware Threat Warning! Scam via Online Video!

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Published on: December 14, 2009
This is not a prank! I Just stumbled across this when videos by the YouTube user?? Kaleigh421112Trang suddenly showed up in my subscriptions (based on Keywords) for my CirqueDuSoleilGuru account. I made the URLs that are not hyperlinked this way on purpose, to prevent any accidental harm to the readers. You can copy and paste the URLs into your browsers address bar, if you know what you are doing at your own risk. Don???t say that I did not warn you! The user account in question was just created on 12/13/2009 By now this user has already 190 virtually identical videos uploaded that don’t show much, except a message that the video cannot be watched on YouTube due to length limitation. See description for link to full video. etc. Here is a screen shot of it. E.g. Circus Circus Part 1/13 Online*:?? *This video was actually already taken down by YouTube, maybe because I flagged it as Spam from an established YouTube account with almost 2000 subscribers. But most of the other videos are still up as I am writing this. For example this one (which I also reported so it is probably being removed shortly as well) The videos that are still up all include a short description and a obscured link with tracking code embed via the redirection service In the example video that I mentioned before and reported to YouTube already the URL was: Here Comes The Scammy Part That URL redirects to:[…]
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