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Date : October 3, 2009


SAC Crack Intros and BBS???tros Collection Finally Live on

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Published on: October 3, 2009
It took only ages, but I finally managed to get it done, the complete list of SAC Intros/Cracktros/BBStros that were released in the SAC Art Packs between December 1994 and May 2007 are now up on the site where they belong. Well, not just a list, that would have been not a problem and could have been done in one afternoon. For each intro are detailed credits shown, links to the SAC art pack where they were released, links to resources, like the tracker modules, pixel logos and font graphics and other goodies were also added, where I was able to extract them, find them on the Internet or had them on my hard disk. I was able to capture most intros in video format, since most of them are not running under Windows 32 let behold Windows 64 bit anymore. You can watch the videos right from the listings page, download the original videos in AVI or WMV format (from my file share at or watch them on YouTube where I also uploaded them to my SACReleases channel on YouTube and added a link to the intro. There were over 90 cracktros, bbstros and invtros, which I first had on a single page, but I then realized that having users load a page of several MB in size might not be such a good idea after all and decided to break it down intro multiple pages??? 4 pages to be exact. Here are the links to the 4[…]
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