Razor 1911 and Dynamic Technologies ??? Dytec Cracktro Remakes 2009

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Published on: September 28, 2009

Since it was so nice with the TRSI Intro and the new RoORS intro that I created, two more intros are coming up your way???. also created with the Oldskool Demo Maker by Peace/Testaware.

This time I created actually remakes of existing intros and did not create something entirely new.

Let???s start with the first one, which is for a group that is dear to my heart. You might also want to check out my posts related to it here at my blog: Dynamic Technologies ??? Dytec -?? The Cracktros and Dynamic Technologies ??? Dytec ??? Introduction Continued. Okay, the name is now out in the open, lets have a look at the intro that I re-created with OSDM for them.

Dynamic Technologies Cracktro Remake by Roy/SAC in 2009

Backup Link to Video on Vimeo.com

A remake of the PC Intro for the release group Dytec – Dynamic Technologies. It was actually also used for Dynasty and for TRSI.?? Well, it was not the first time that Hetero repurposed the code, design and music of an intro for another group, if the group where it was previously made more ceased to exist and wasn???t making good use of the intro before they were finished.

Credits for this intro:
Code: Peace/Testaware
Design: Roy/SAC
Music: “Cognition” by Jozz/TRSI

Hetero was notorious for replicating original Commodore Amiga intro designs on the PC. He did not make many friends on the Amiga with that, but a bunch of new ones on the PC instead. In the case of this intro comes the original Intro design from the release group Quartex Amiga.

You can download the RAR file, which includes this video in AVI format (XVID/MP3 640×480 pixels resolution) and the Win 32 Executable (13 MB total) at http://www.mediafire.com/?zqzjnn2iozj

You can also just download the Win32 executable separately (179 KB) at

The second intro that I did was for a much more famous group. Well, they released ENGLISH games and had sections on virtually any computer platform, including the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga and PC and they started out early, in 1985 and were longer around than most other release groups.

Okay, they had their ups and downs, including a major bust wave that hit the group, but you could beat the group as much and as hard as you want to and it would simply not die and always come back. Well, it???s Razor 1911 ??? Sharper than a blade or your money back! Hehe.

Razor 1911 Intro Remake by Roy/SAC in 2009


Backup Link to Video on Vimeo.com

A Razor 1911 cracktro remake done with OSDM by Roy of Superior Art Creations.

Well, not exactly a 100% authentic remake though, but then also the “original” was not authentic to begin with… It’s more like a … mhh… remix I guess hehe. Confused? Don’t be! Just trust me on this one hehe.

Credits for this Intro:
Intro Engine Code: Peace/Testaware
Logo Graphics: Zebig/Razor 1911
Tracker Music: TDK
Compilation and Design: Roy/SAC

You can download the ZIP file, which includes this video in .AVI format XVID/MP3 and 640×480 pixels resolution as well as the Windows 32 bit Executable version of this intro (in all 76 MB in size) at

I hope you enjoyed the two new intros of mine. Let me know what you think via the comments section below.

Thanks and Cheers!

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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