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Published on: September 28, 2009

I started a while ago a special play list at my YouTube channel SACReleases, which showcases over 400 videos (as of now and growing) related to the demo and art scenes already, to highlight the best demos across all computer platforms over the past 18 years.??

I called it the ???Demoscene Marvels???, because I think that those productions are indeed marvels that should not be forgotten. The first production in my marvels list is from 1991 and the latest on from 2009.


If you thought that the old 8bit and 16bit classics are dead, think again! The last demo from the Commodore 64 in my marvels list is from 2007 and the last Commodore Amiga production in this list is from this year. Surprised?

Demo Marvels Play List at

The list includes 69 videos as of today, representing 61 different demos and intros from the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, MS DOS PC and Windows 32bit.

The list is useful for oldskool demosceners who might have missed a few productions over the years and also for newbie???s to the subject, who would like to get a picture of the productions that were created by scenes around the world for the simple reason that they can.

I listed the productions in chronological order that you are able to see the progression and advancements made by the demo scene over the years.

List of Demos (Chronologically)

  1. Hardwired by The Silents (TSL) & Crionics for Commodore Amiga (1991)
  2. Unreal by Future Crew – PC (1992)
  3. State Of The Art by Spaceballs – Amiga (1992)
  4. Crystal Dream 2 by Triton for MS DOS PC (1993)
  5. Desert Dream by Kefrens for Amiga (1993)
  6. Second Reality by Future Crew – MS DOS PC (1993)
  7. Coma Light XII (12) by Oxyron – C64 Demo (1994)
  8. Tower Power by Camelot – C64 Demo (TP 1994)
  9. Valhalla – Solstice PC (1995)
  10. Dope by Complex – PC Demo (1995)
  11. Stars – Wonders of the World by Noon (MS DOS PC) (1995)
  12. CAERO by Plant & Electromotive Force (EMF) – PC (1995)
  13. Inside by Carillon & Cyberiad (CNCD) – PC (1996) 1st TG
  14. Paper Intro by Psychic Link & Acme – PC 64K (1996)
  15. Machines of Madness by Dubius PC (1996)
  16. Explicit by Hornet – PC Demo (1996)
  17. Project Pitchfork by Smash Designs – C64 Demo (1997)
  18. Second Reality Remake by Smash Design – C64 (1997)
  19. Tribes by Melon Dezign & Pulse – PC Demo (1997)
  20. Triage 3 (Triage III) by Smash Designs – C64 Demo (1998)
  21. Wonder by Sunflower – PC Demo (1999)
  22. Deus Ex Machine by Crest & Oxyron – C64 Demo (2000)
  23. Elements by Haujobb – PC Demo (TP 2001)
  24. Liquid Wen by Haujobb – PC Demo (ASM 2002)
  25. Squish by AND – PC 64K Intro (2002)
  26. Super Killer – Text Mode Demo – PC (2002)
  27. Candytron 64KB Intro (Final Version) by Farbrausch for Win32 (2003)
  28. FR-025 The Popular Demo by Farbrausch – Win32 (2003)
  29. Legomania by Doomsday for Windows PC (2003)
  30. Zoom 3 by AND – PC 64K Intro (2003)
  31. Beyond by Conspiracy – PC 64K Intro (2004)
  32. Paradise by RGBA – PC 64K Intro (2004)
  33. We Cell by Kewlers – PC Demo (2004)
  34. The Prophecy – Project Nemesis by Conspiracy – PC 64K Intro (2004)
  35. Obsoleet by Unreal Voodoo – PC Demo (2004)??
  36. Planet Risk by Andromeda Software Development (ASD) – PC (2004)
  37. Silkcut by The Black Lotus (TBL) – Amiga Demo (2004)
  38. sts-04 – Instant Zen by Synesthetics – PC (2005)
  39. Iconoclast by Andromeda Software Development (ASD) – PC (2005)
  40. Parsec by Frenetic, r0K & Sonic – PC 4KB Intro (2005)
  41. Final Audition by Plastic – PC Demo (2005)
  42. Antidote for the Masses by ASD – PC Demo (2005)
  43. Amethyst by Traction & Demarche – PC Demo (2006)
  44. Deities by MFX – PC Demo (BP 2006)
  45. Moonstone by Anadune & Nah Kolor – PC Demo (BP 2006)
  46. The Evolution of Vision by Andromeda Software Development (ASD) – PC Demo (2006)
  47. Onwards by Traction – PC Demo (2006)
  48. Starstruck by The Black Lotus (TBL) – Amiga AGA (2006)
  49. Track One by Fairlight (FLT) Win32 Demo (2006)
  50. Desert Dream Remake by Resource and Chorus ??? C64 Demo (2007)
  51. Fairy Tale by Traction and Brainstorm – PC Demo (BP 2007)
  52. sts-01 – Lucy in the Sky with Deities by Synesthetics – PC (2007)
  53. FR-041 – Debris by Farbrausch for Win32 (2007)
  54. Angelic Forum by ALLien Senses (PC Demo) (2007)
  55. Lifeforce by Andromeda Software Development – PC Demo (ASM 2007)
  56. Stargazer by Andromeda & Orb – PC (2008)
  57. Shad 3 by Cocoon for Win32 PC (2008)
  58. Panic Room by Fairlight (FLT) – PC 64K (2008)
  59. Rupture by Andromeda Software Development (ASD) – PC Demo (2009)
  60. Lightshaft by Elude for Commodore Amiga AGA (2009)
  61. Crush by Anadune & Floppy – PC (2009) 1st BP

Additional content to the subject that I can highly recommend can be found at the following previous blog post of mine that I posted over the past few years.

Additional Resources

I also recommend checking out the links section on my main web site. There you can find tons of resources, repositories, archives, forums and other good stuff related to the demoscene and everything else that surrounds it, such as the artscene or tracker music etc.

Take a step back and enjoy the trip back in time. There is nothing you have to do but sit back, watch and listen.

I hope that you will enjoy my little collection that I put together over a long period of time. Did I miss some great productions that MUST be included in my marvels collection? Let me know! Use the comments section below to leave a note. I???d appreciate it.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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