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Date : September 23, 2009


How to Turn Paying Customers into Pirates

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Published on: September 23, 2009

I want to use my registered copy of Babylon 7 Pro, including the additional professional dictionaries ???Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus???, ???Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate?? Dictionary and Thesaurus??? and ???Britannica Encyclopedia??? on my new Dell laptop with MS Vista (and soon on Windows 7). This is not much to ask for you would think. Hey, I bought this stuff directly from the author of the software and paid good money for it. I entered all license keys yesterday and everything was fine. Today all keys are gone and except for one that unlocks one of the three additional dictionaries, none is working anymore. When I entered the codes again, I received the message that I must have made a typo or something. I didn???t make a typo, thanks but no thanks. I went to their web site at I used the online form to retrieve license keys that they have created for this purpose I guess, enter the captcha code and my email address and submit the form. The form neither returned an error nor acknowledged the input telling me that new and valid license keys will be send to me again. Since I also did not get an email yet, I assume that it did not work as it was intended (hint: this implies another suggestion for the folks at Babylon). This is not the first time that I had to contact them about this. I lost count of how many different license keys I got from them for the same[…]

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