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Date : September 13, 2009


Cirque du Soleil???s Inside La Nouba and In the Heart of Dralion

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Published on: September 13, 2009

Finally, after months of searching and having an instant alert on eBay to find the documentary DVD ???Cirque du Soleil: Inside La Nouba – From Conception to Perception???. Just about 1 1/2 weeks ago I got an alert that somebody is selling the DVD on eBay. I jumped on and placed my bid. The auction ended about one week ago and I was outbid. I didn???t watch the item closely at the end, because I was (and are) still working on my new computer (setup, configuration etc.). I set my maximum bid to $15.00 and was outbid by one cent. I would have bid more and should have set a higher maximum, but well. Anyhow, I was furious when I saw that I lost the auction after all those months, but there wasn???t anything I could do about it. I searched eBay again, but manually and noticed a listing where I did not receive an alert yet. Two offers within one week, unbelievable. That other seller had the ???buy now??? option enabled, asking for $13.99 with free shipping and handling within the United States. I couldn???t believe my luck and clicked ???buy now??? right away, completing the process (including payment) right there and then. Then a few days ago the DVD arrived. YEAH! There is nothing really that special about the DVD itself, except that it is the last one that I had missing from Cirque du Soleil. I have all other show and documentary DVDs about the Canadian circus[…]

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