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Date : June 2009


Copyright Complaint Notice Filings in the Scene? WTF?

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Published on: June 5, 2009

It’s not that I have already to deal with a lot of crap at the moment that something that just happened a few days ago has to come on top of all of it to “make my day” and “make my head shake in disbelief’“. It started with a big fat screen where you can see the snapshot of below, when I logged into one of my accounts. I was forced to acknowledge the message, before I could do anything else. I was upset at first, because I thought that once more some idiot would claim something that is not his to begin with to cause trouble and inconvenience for YouTuber’s, because they are full of themselves. Dreyfus – Jarre – Oxygene & The Demoscene Wouldn’t be the first time. I still remember when in February 2008 a company with the name FRANCIS DREYFUS MUSIC came along and claimed the video recording of the PC/MS DOS demo called “Contrast” by the French demo group “Oxygene” from 1996 as their intellectual property that I was supposed to be infringing on. Well, Dreyfus did believe back then that any video with the word “Oxygene” in the title must be automatically infringing on the rights they hold for the music by the French musician Jean Michel Jarre with the same title. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Right … Anyhow, I did a Google search for the name of the somebody who claimed ownership of material used in some of my videos. Matt Swoboda,[…]

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