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Date : June 6, 2009


Dynamic Technologies – Dytec – Introduction Continued

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Published on: June 6, 2009

Almost exactly one year ago I did publish a post where I introduced 26 cracktros for the Commodore 64, 7 Cracktros for the PC and 4 Cracktros for the Commodore Amiga by one of my former release groups that is dear to my heard, Dynamic Technologies aka Dytec or simply DTC. I also created a remix video where I used the majority of Dytec logos that I had and many of the crack intro videos to show off some artistic high-lights of the group. ____ _____________ ______ ______ / \/ / /_ __// ___// ___/\ / / /\ _/ / /\_/ _/__/ /___\/ /_____/ /__/\\/__/ //_____//_____/\ \_____\/\__\/ \__\/ \_____\\_____\/ C R A C K E D: One thing that I noticed was that the few (4) intros that I had for the Commodore Amiga for Dytec, were pretty much all ugly and almost embarrassing. I was almost certain that there must have been more, since I do recall that we used logos for Dytec that were created on an Amiga for our Dytec PC cracktros. I always thought that those logos were used first in Amiga productions and were not created for the PC specifically (just like Dream Design did while he was in my art group SAC (Superior Art Creations) and also in Remedy Amiga (and “U.D.O.” hehe), still using his Amiga 500 as his main computer and only getting a PC much later). However, I could not find any of those, when I looked for them last year.[…]

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