Rupture by Andromeda Software Development and other cool Demos

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Published on: May 4, 2009

I felt that it was about time again to write about demos, recent demos this time and no classics. Another great demo, which was only recently released trigger this post actually. The demo that did this is:

Rupture by the Greek demo group Andromeda Software Development (short ASD). The demo won the 1st place at The Gathering (TG) 2009 Demo Party Competition in Hamar, Norway this Spring. I created a nice animated gif with some highlights from the demo and also included a video recording of it further down below. I also decided to seize the opportunity and also introduce some other great great demos to you, including other previous productions by the top-notch demo team from ASD, but also from other groups that produced high quality PC demos in the past 5+ or so years. I hope that you will enjoy them.


The animated gif is nice as a preview, but the video below is probably better. Best is of course to download the original demo (see links at and run it on your own PC.

Backup Link to video at

You can find more information to the demo and a link to download the 25 MB program to run it on your computer in high resolution at There is also a link to the high definition video capture of the demo in MP4 format and 250 MB in size. If that is a bit too much for you, download the lower resolution video in XVID .AVI format (61 MB).

If you enjoyed that demo, then you will certainly also enjoy what is coming next. :)

Now I have some great demos for you from previous demo parties, and also created?? by the guys from Andromeda Software Development (ASD). I also highly recommend watching those, if you get around to it. You can find all of ASD’s productions and links to download at their official web site at by the way. They are Greek and lucky to be able to get the 3 character domain name at the Greek TLD :).


Lifeforce by ASD (2007)

The demo won 1st place at the Summer Assembly 2007 combined Demo competition in Helsinki, Finland.

Wrote about Lifeforce by ASD in February?? 2008 (14 months ago), because I was so impressed by it. I also uploaded it to and got feedback from non demo “sceners” about how cool it is. It was definitely a demo high light, not just in 2007 (Lifeforce won the title Best Demo of 2007 that year), but the several previous years.

My 2008 post includes the Video version of the demo in lower resolution. A better version is available at my Facebook account and you can also download a even better version of the video at, where you can also the demo executables as well.????


Iconoclast by ASD (2005)

This demo won 1st place at the Assembly 2005 combined Demo competition.

Watch the video of this demo at my Facebook account and/or download a high resolution version or/and the demo executable at

Iconoclast is also one of my all-time favorite demos. Cool effects and nice music as well.


Planet Risk (2004)

This demo by Andromeda Software Development “only” won 2nd place at the Assembly 2004 Combined Demo Competition (The 1st place won the great demo “Obsoleet” by Unreal Voodoo, which I also highlighted in my History of the Demoscene article.????

Again, more information and download links for the demo itself etc. is available at the demoscene database and repository.

More Great Demos

by other Demo Groups than Andromeda Software Development


FR-41 Debris by Farbrausch (2007)

This demo by the reputable German demo group (yeah! hehe) won 1st place at the Break Point demo party in 2007.

Remarkable about this demo is also the size. It is almost small enough to enter the 64KB intro competition, but it’s a full blown demo. The folks from Farbrausch wanted to make a point about debates about the file size of demos, which is increasing more and more in recent years. You don’t need 20 MB to create a great demo. That’s a myth and “Debris” debunked that myth once and for all :).

You can watch the video of this demo at my Facebook account and/or download the demo at and run on your own PC in High Resolution.????


Fr-25 The Popular Demo by Farbrausch (2003)

This demo won 1st place at the Break Point (BP) demo compo in?? 2003
A funky “Disco” style demo with cool lighting effects.

Watch the demo in video format at my Facebook account or visit to download the demo and watch on your own PC.


Final Audition by Plastic (2005)

This demo won 1st place at the Evoke 2005 demo party compo in August 2005, which is like Break Point held in Germany each year.

Great ambience, cool music and?? breathtaking effects. I fell in love with the demo first time I saw it. Definitely one of the all-time best demos.

Again, you can watch this demo at my Facebook account or download the high-res video and/or demo itself at

I hope that you enjoyed the demos as much as I did and that you might got a bit more interested into the fascinating world of the demoscene. There are a bunch of resources and links to the subject available at my main web site, if you want to learn more about this underground art scene and its history.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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