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Date : May 22, 2009


Microsoft Internet Explorer Search Providers Import and Export

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Published on: May 22, 2009

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and also Mozilla Fire Fox come with a feature called “Custom Search Providers” or Search Scopes. It allows you to add web sites and search engines to your search box to search them directly, if you need to. For example could you add search to your search providers and search the site directly from your search box, if you are looking for a book, CD or DVD and use as primary online shop for this kind of purchases. You can get a selection of custom search providers at this Microsoft web site. There you can find a number of options for popular web sites and other search engines. Also available there is the option to create your own custom search provider for your favorite web site. This is possible, as long as the site provides a site search option and passes the search parameters, such as the search term in the URL. If you have a web site yourself and want to offer your visitors the option to add your site search to their web browser, then you can do that as well. I did this for my small project, a MS SQL Server resources meta-search engine based on Google Custom Search Engine. See the link at the bottom of the homepage that reads “Widgets and Gadgets”. One of the options there is to add the search to your web browser. The search providers page for Internet Explorer on[…]

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