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Date : May 19, 2009


In Case You Forgot Adobe Photoshop at Home, don???t worry!

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Published on: May 19, 2009

In the case that you forgot Adobe Photoshop at home and need to make some last minute tweaks of some nice and cool graphics for your blog or MySpace page, while at a friends house, who only has MS Paint installed on his Computer, then you don???t have to decide between no image or crappy MS Paint tweaked image anymore. There is now a nice third option available. All that your friend needs is a web browser and an Internet connection??? and who doesn???t have this nowadays. Finding a home with black and white television is probably easier than one with a computer without Internet, right? Anyhow. There have been in the past already multiple attempts to provide a practical photo and image editor on the World Wide Web. Yeah, you could tweak photographs a little bit, remove some red eyes, flip the image, crop it and adjust the colors and contrast or brightness, but that was about it. Pixlr has something for that as well, called Photo Express, where you can do some last minute tweaks to a photo before you put it up on Flickr or Photobucket. But if you had to do a little bit more tweaking to an image, you still required a desktop application installed on your computer. Pixlr provides a neat alternative to that. Their image editor is more than just a nice toy where you can draw squares and lines like in MS Paint. The Pixlr image editor supports Layers and has some[…]

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