The SAC ??? Superior Art Creations All-Time Member List Project Update

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Published on: April 27, 2009

scr-sac.NFO I am trying for a while now to create an all time Superior Art Creations member list. This is unfortunately no easy task, because the information in the SAC.NFO files of the SAC Pack releases were not always as well maintained as they should have been. I don???t want to point and blame anybody, but its is pretty tough to get a clear picture of who is who and who was in when as what, with the amount of information that can be extracted from the releases of the group itself.

Here is what I came up with so for. The stuff that is high lighted with an orange background is where I would be happy, if anybody has an answer to my question or the missing information, whatever the case might be.

Also, the whole last section with ???Non-Contributing Temp Members??? is open for input. Listed there are names that were mentioned that they are members of SAC, but I could not find any contribution of those guys in any of the SAC art packs. Maybe they did something under the name of SAC, but nothing that found its way into an art pack. If that is the case, then I want of course give the credits where credits are due and remove that person from the ???non-contributing??? section.


If you know any of the folks where questions are still in the room or if you have any tip how or where I could find out more about them etc. Please let me know. The comments section of this blog post would do just fine.

I???d appreciate it. Thanks.

# Handles / Aliases File Prefix(es) Country PPE PRG VGA MFX ANS ASC ADM Notes/Comments
Contributing Members (Included in Art Packs)
1 2Fast 2F Germany X
2 Acen AC Germany X
3 Allanon ALN Sweden X
4 Antibody ANTI / AB Denmark X X X
5 Argon Factor AR Germany X
6 Arlequin ARL / AR Argentina X X
7 Asphyx ASX France X X X
8 Axess AXS Germany X X
9 Barium B5 n/a X X X
10 Bazilla BAZ Germany X
11 Brane BNE Sweden X
12 Cokine COK Sweden X
13 Comrade COM Canada X
14 Creator CRE Australia X
15 Creature of Hell COH / CH USA X X X
16 Crome CROME / CRM Germany X
17 cRu / Maverick CRU Germany X X
18 Crusader CDR Sweden X
19 D0n DN n/a X
20 DAC DAC Germany X
21 Dalezy/The Unconsciousness/Animal DLZ / TU / AN Germany X
22 Dark Star/Puschel DS / PL Germany X X X
23 Davek DKNY USA X X
24 Desolation Angel DA USA X
25 Dipswitch DIP Germany X
26 Don Rapello DON Finland X
27 Dream Design DD Germany X X X
28 DW0 DW0 n/a X What’s the full name?
29 Eboy EB Finland X X X
30 Edge ED USA X
31 Ex0 EX0 Australia X X
32 F0st FST / FS France X X
33 Ferrex FRX / FX Germany X X X X
34 Flames FLAMES Germany X X
35 Fourth 4TH n/a X
36 Geareo MYD n/a X
37 Giovanni GIO Germany X
38 Grap GP Germany X
39 GrymmJack GJ USA X
40 GTI GTI Canada X X X
41 Helix HLX USA X
42 Hetero HT Germany X X X X
43 HKultra HKU n/a X
44 IxLover Buddha IX n/a X X
45 [K] K Germany X X
46 Kaethe KT Germany X X
47 Kenet K France X
48 KMX KMX Poland X What does KMX stand for?
49 Maktone MT / M1 Sweden X
50 Markgoh MG Canada X
51 Marky MY / M Germany X X
52 Matador MTD Russia X X
53 Mattey MATTEY n/a X
54 McBarn MB Sweden X
55 Midfit MF Germany X
56 Moolok MOO Germany X X
57 Mr.Death MRDEATH / MRD Sweden X
58 Mr.Jezus MRJEZUS Finland X
59 Mydknight MID Canada X
60 Myth MYTH Germany X
61 Neophyte NP Germany X
62 Nerv NERV / NR France X X X
63 Nova N Australia X
64 Pasha P Germany X X
65 PDZ PDZ n/a X PDZ = Podzi?
66 Poldi PD Germany X X X
67 Quasar QS Sweden X
68 Rainer RN Germany X
69 Raiser RS Germany X X
70 Rave RV Germany X X X
71 Rez REZ Netherlands X X Is Rez an abriviation?
72 Roodolph ROO Poland X
73 Roy ROY Germany/USA X X X X X
74 RZ RZ n/a X RZ = Rahzel? Uses }8]a or }8] as sig in pics
75 S! S! n/a X S! = Stylez or S! = Serges or somebody else?
76 Scour SCR USA X
77 Senser SNS France X X X
78 Sergeon Cuts SERGEON USA X
79 Stonehedge SH Germany X
80 Shaq SQ Russia X
81 Shot ST Germany X
82 Silent SiL n/a X
83 sOul SOUL Germany X
84 Spectrum SPC Germany X
85 Spoon SPN Germany X
86 Sprocket SPROCKET Norway X
87 Squizzy SQZ Netherlands X
88 Strike Light SL Canada X X
89 Svenzzon SVENZZON/SVEN/SV n/a X X
90 Synec SY Germany X
91 Techbit TB Canada X
92 Teepak TPK Germany X X X
93 Toxic Trancer TOX Germany X
94 v0uck VK n/a X
95 W.O.T.W. WOTW Germany X
96 Webpige0 W0 n/a X X X
SAC PPE Coders (Had no file prefix)
97 Cyz Germany X
98 Monster Germany X
99 Fox Germany X
100 Cyber Brain Germany X
Administrative Members
Internet Coordinators, except for Idiana who did Group Management and Organization
101 Hoziris Israel X
102 Cercyon Germany X
103 Corex Germany X
104 Idiana Germany X
Guest Contributors
Included in one or more SAC Pack releases, but never had status of SAC member
n/a Z80 Z80 Germany 1
Non Contributing Temp Members
This list may includes members where I could not match them up confidentally with a file prefix from the pack.
It could also be that one person is listed with multiple nick names or real name.
If you know of any contrubutions to the group and it to the comments please.
Ripper Germany
Prosthesis Finland
Paledeth Sweden
White Zombie TWZ Denmark
Darkheart Sweden
Felix Germany
Timelord Italy
Necrotoad Canada
Nitrifik Sweden
Spinsane SP n/a
Xeek XK n/a
PODZI n/a Podzi = PDZ
Stylez Germany Styles = S!?
Serges n/a Serges = S!?
Sick Doctor n/a Serges = Sick Doctor?
Rahzel n/a Rahzel = RZ?
Shady Germany Shady = S!?

Explanation of Columns
PPE = PCBoard BBS Tools Programmer (using PPL-PCBoard Programming Language, which are compiled to PPE???s)
PRG = Programmer/Coder of Intros, tools etc. such as the SACtros for SAC artpack releases.
VGA = Pixel Art Graphician and later also hi-res art via Photoshop etc.
MFX = Musician, mainly old-school tracker MOD modules (or FastTracker, ScreamTracker etc.)
ANS = ANSI text artist (like the image below)
ASC = ASCII text artist, 7-Bit and/or ???high ASCII??? (Block ASCII)
ADM = Administrative work, Internet Coordinator, Bot-Master (IRC) and those sorts of things)w0-sacns.ANS

I am feeling that we come slowly but surely closer to the goal of having a complete and correct all-time Superior Art Creations member list that I can post on the SAC section of the site as I promised to do so already two or some more years ago.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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