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Date : April 27, 2009


The SAC ??? Superior Art Creations All-Time Member List Project Update

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Published on: April 27, 2009

I am trying for a while now to create an all time Superior Art Creations member list. This is unfortunately no easy task, because the information in the SAC.NFO files of the SAC Pack releases were not always as well maintained as they should have been. I don???t want to point and blame anybody, but its is pretty tough to get a clear picture of who is who and who was in when as what, with the amount of information that can be extracted from the releases of the group itself. Here is what I came up with so for. The stuff that is high lighted with an orange background is where I would be happy, if anybody has an answer to my question or the missing information, whatever the case might be. Also, the whole last section with ???Non-Contributing Temp Members??? is open for input. Listed there are names that were mentioned that they are members of SAC, but I could not find any contribution of those guys in any of the SAC art packs. Maybe they did something under the name of SAC, but nothing that found its way into an art pack. If that is the case, then I want of course give the credits where credits are due and remove that person from the ???non-contributing??? section. If you know any of the folks where questions are still in the room or if you have any tip how or where I could find out more about them[…]

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