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Date : April 10, 2009


De-Dupe Files Script Tool for Windows 32bit

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Published on: April 10, 2009

You can skip the background story about the why, when and how I decided to write this little File De-Duping script, if you are not interested in it and jump right the section about how the script works, what it does, where to download it, how to install and de-install it and the source code of it as well. The tool is Freeware, but any donation (money or goods) and/or simply a ???Thank You??? (e.g. via the comments section at the end of this post) are appreciated nevertheless. Important Node: I updated the script and this post, because of some bugs that I found and issues with the 3rd party tool ???touch.exe???. I had to remove it and come up with another solution for the problem that it solved. I also added some nice stuff, so it was more than just bug fixing :). The Background Story Who did not have the problem yet to have hundreds of any type of files, text files, documents, spread sheets, images, videos and others in one directory with the a high chance that you have duplicates, identical files that only have a different file name. I often have to deal with duplicate images that I downloaded from the internet. I cannot always remember, if I downloaded a particular image already or not and go by the slogan, archive / save / back up first, sort later, because there will be nothing to sort, if you don???t save a copy and go back to[…]

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