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Date : November 15, 2008


Dancing Around the World, Paid For, Everything Inclusive

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Published on: November 15, 2008

If you did not hear about Matt Harding yet, then it is about time. He is the guy that became famous for “dancing on the Internet”, okay, there are a bunch of guys that are “famous” doing that, but he is the one who did it in public at places around the whole globe. ?? The story goes like this… A 32 year old deadbeat who was born in Connecticut, USA and ended up working for a company in Brisbane, Australia decided in 2003 to quit his job and use the money he had saved to do a trip through Asia until he was broke. During the usual posing for tourist photo graphs and home videos as proof for his friends and family that he was at the places he said he was, a friend suggested to do his funny dance, the only dance Matt knows and do that instead of the usual boring posing. He did that for the rest of his trip until he ran out of money. He published his short videos on a web site that he mainly created for his family to check what he was doing and where. The stuff went somehow “viral” on the Internet thanks to social media. It also caught the attention of a company called Stride Gum, who thought that doing more of this kind of videos sponsored by the Stride Gum brand would be a fantastic idea. Matt thought so too, especially when he was told that Stride pays[…]


A New Star Trek Experience

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Published on: November 15, 2008

I wrote in September about the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas and that it was shut down as of September 1. I also shot a short video showing the closed Experience, which I uploaded to YouTube. A YouTube user who watched my video about the closed Star Trek Experience at the Hilton Las Vegas, left a comment about a planned new Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas and also sent me a link to the article on the web site of inBusiness Las Vegas, where he got the information from. Quote from that article: The Star Trek Experience will have five components and most elements could be completed next year, when a new Star Trek movie is scheduled for release. Just as the new movie will have some familiar characters in some unfamiliar roles, the Star Trek Experience will be similar but different from its predecessor and includes significant upgrades. There will be a food and beverage component, which will include a restaurant and lounge and a retail area with merchandise from all incarnations of the Star Trek concept. Star Trek fans are incredibly loyal and if the latest movie sparks yet another generation of supporters, the retail element could be very successful. A museum that explores the entire history of Star Trek is also planned. There will also be a 4-D movie theater designed to be an interactive experience with high-tech seats that will stimulate the senses. “They will recreate sights, sounds and smells and take your body[…]

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