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Date : September 4, 2008


The Berlin Wall History – Lessons Learned … Again

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Published on: September 4, 2008

I did a long and detailed post about the Berlin Wall in June, titled “The Berlin Wall and the Walls between Us“. It also included a 13 minutes extended edition of my video “Berlin Wall – Lessons Learned“. It was already version 3 of the video (Here are the links to version 2 and version 1 of the video as well, just for the sake of completeness). Why the different versions? Well, there are multiple reasons. First, I improved my editing skills and was able to do things better where I was unhappy about in a previous version of the video. I also got access to new or sometimes just better quality sources. One of the latest discoveries was a high quality video version of the episode “The Berlin Wall” from the National Geographic TV series “Turning Points Of History”. That 45 minutes documentary virtually contained the video snippets of all my video sources about the 1950-1970s that I already had from elsewhere (stock footage, public domain etc.), but in much better quality. I spent the last few days on version 4.0 of my video. This time I did re-created it entirely from scratch. It’s not just an edit of the previous version. I even re-cut, re-edited and re-sorted the sources again. This version is a whopping 30 min (almost) long. Note: Google Video messed something up. It shows only the first 5:41 minutes of the video. I will re-upload it again and try to figure out what the problem[…]

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