Time Travel to the Era of the BBS and ANSI Animation

I am sorry for all the dead videos at my blog at the moment, but as I mentioned in my last post, my primary YouTube account is currently in status “suspended”. I tried to contact YouTube several times via email and fax (yeah, that machine that sends paper over the phone wires). I also tried to call them, but if you do not know the extension of the person you want to reach then you got stuck in an automated computer menu jungle or the system hangs up on you.

I complained about this horrible support at one of the business blogs I write for and home that I will hear something from YouTube within this year or so. I have not given up my account yet. I probably lost the hundreds of subscribers, but I hope for YouTube that my 160+ videos are still okay.

I still have my other YouTube account with the user name “sacreleases” where I upload demos, intros and cracktro videos recordings and ANSI animations or ASCIImations. That account has over 200 videos available for watching. In the case that you did not notice, but I made the first 199 videos accessible from the RoySAC.com homepage via a YouTube JavaScript widget.

One Video that I uploaded last night was the ANSI animation by Jed and Tracer of ACiD Productions for the BBS “The Bog” from around 1992. I added audio to it, just for the fun of it and to support the visual images. I did a voiceover for an ANSI animation earlier, if you remember, for the BBS “Korova Milkbar” and the animation Blade Runner of ACiD did for it.

Here is the video of the new ANSI animation with voiceover for “The Bog”.

Backup URL to Video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWmBC9n2jcU).

Backup Link to Video at YouTube.com.

I also expanded the page about my old BBS, Closed Society, because I stumbled over an old partial backup of the PCBoard installation and tried to make it run, just to see, if that is possible. To my amazement was this actually possible and I was able to get one node up. I captured a browsing session and made a video out of it. The file listings were broke unfortunately so I could not show how they looked like with the file_id.diz content nicely added to the file descriptions and the “FS” PPE by PWA in action to highlight, view and mark files for download.

I added some more gimmick to the video capture and some sound. For whatever stupid reason did most video sharing websites messed up the sound. I tried 50,000 things to get it right, but none worked. The funny thing is that I have videos with the same sounds that work perfectly fine. It’s a miracle to me and beyond comprehension.

Luckily for you and me did at least one video sharing website get it right and that’s the one that I used for the embedded video version that now follows.

Backup URL to Video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV9y3CVn-bU).

Time Travel to the Era of the BBS V3

I hope you enjoyed the short trip back in time. Stop sobbing! It is over, live with it! We all have to, including myself. However, it was still nice to forget about the hard facts and truth for a couple minutes.

Btw. If you like the video and would like to have/see it in nice and clear 640×480 pixels resolution, I have good news for you. I put the video in AVI file format up on Mediafire.com for free download. It is about 67 MB in size. Here is the link.

Enjoy and Cheers!

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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Published on: June 25, 2008

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    hey roy nice video u r genius budy i m very impressed . its very nice I have a social networking site. u can try it for ur blog popularity.
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