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Date : June 10, 2008


YouTube, Depeche Mode and Infringement of Crap

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Published on: June 10, 2008

I am really mad! Things get worse more and more. I still did not have the time to write my planned article about the current issues with the existing copyright laws and their inadequacy for the real social web world of today.I am staring since Saturday at a suspended YouTube account of mine (my main one at I cannot log-in to the account to check messages etc. and all of my 160+ videos under the account are not accessible. The “nice” thing is that YouTube did not even bother to send me a notification about this. They just suspended the account. I wrote them an Email and also sent a fax asking why my account was suspended and that they enable it again. I got a few hours earlier an email from YouTube about the removal of one of my videos due to infringing the copyright of Depeche Mode. I had six Depeche Mode videos uploaded under my account, five of them were the different music video and live versions of my favorite DM song “Never Let Me down Again”. The Sixth song was the 1988 live version of “Everything Counts” at the Rose bowl in Pasadena. They were all added to my account about 9 months ago.One of the DM videos was already taken down in March (3 months ago) where I asked YouTube who exactly claimed the copyright and requested to take the video down. I also asked to get a copy of the 72 user comments[…]

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