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Date : June 2008


Time Travel to the Era of the BBS and ANSI Animation

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Published on: June 25, 2008

I am sorry for all the dead videos at my blog at the moment, but as I mentioned in my last post, my primary YouTube account is currently in status “suspended”. I tried to contact YouTube several times via email and fax (yeah, that machine that sends paper over the phone wires). I also tried to call them, but if you do not know the extension of the person you want to reach then you got stuck in an automated computer menu jungle or the system hangs up on you. I complained about this horrible support at one of the business blogs I write for and home that I will hear something from YouTube within this year or so. I have not given up my account yet. I probably lost the hundreds of subscribers, but I hope for YouTube that my 160+ videos are still okay. I still have my other YouTube account with the user name “sacreleases” where I upload demos, intros and cracktro videos recordings and ANSI animations or ASCIImations. That account has over 200 videos available for watching. In the case that you did not notice, but I made the first 199 videos accessible from the homepage via a YouTube JavaScript widget. One Video that I uploaded last night was the ANSI animation by Jed and Tracer of ACiD Productions for the BBS “The Bog” from around 1992. I added audio to it, just for the fun of it and to support the visual images. I[…]


YouTube, Depeche Mode and Infringement of Crap

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Published on: June 10, 2008

I am really mad! Things get worse more and more. I still did not have the time to write my planned article about the current issues with the existing copyright laws and their inadequacy for the real social web world of today.I am staring since Saturday at a suspended YouTube account of mine (my main one at I cannot log-in to the account to check messages etc. and all of my 160+ videos under the account are not accessible. The “nice” thing is that YouTube did not even bother to send me a notification about this. They just suspended the account. I wrote them an Email and also sent a fax asking why my account was suspended and that they enable it again. I got a few hours earlier an email from YouTube about the removal of one of my videos due to infringing the copyright of Depeche Mode. I had six Depeche Mode videos uploaded under my account, five of them were the different music video and live versions of my favorite DM song “Never Let Me down Again”. The Sixth song was the 1988 live version of “Everything Counts” at the Rose bowl in Pasadena. They were all added to my account about 9 months ago.One of the DM videos was already taken down in March (3 months ago) where I asked YouTube who exactly claimed the copyright and requested to take the video down. I also asked to get a copy of the 72 user comments[…]


New ASCII Art Contest at deviantART

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Published on: June 2, 2008

Hello Everybody,After a series of posts that were relatively unrelated to ASCII art and text art in general, now a pure one that ONLY talks about ASCII Art and nothing else. Ha, I knew that you missed those hehe. Maija Haavisto aka DiamonDie organized another ASCII art contest over at You might be familar with DiamonDie from Finland, because I have her ASCII Art Tutorial up on my site as part of my ASCII Art Academy for some time now.What is she looking for? Draw something in ASCII that I haven’t seen before, something creative in technique, style, concept and/or subject matter. You could make something surreal, abstract, political, dadaistic or otherwise strange. What is she NOT looking for? … no kittens, Pikachus, roses or Santa Claus, unless you can make them stand out somehow. No pornographic entries or anything that would violate the U.S. law, pretty much everything else goes. There are the following technical requirements, because ASCII art is a bit too broad and not everything that falls under the term Text art or ASCII art is allowed for this contest. The entry must be an ASCII picture, of at least 10×10 and at most 80×200 characters (that’s 80 characters per line and 200 lines). The entry must be drawn in a fixed-width font. Sorry, no extended characters (8-bit), colored ASCII or ANSI this time. If you don’t know what this means, make sure you only use characters included in the green part of this table. The[…]

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