100 Pieces of Nude ASCII Art Available Now!

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Published on: April 7, 2008

Some quick, but exciting news. I introduced last summer my 30 Years of Naked ASCII Art gallery with 30 astonishing examples of text art that depict female nudity as motive for the pieces.

I expanded the gallery significantely today. I added a whopping 70!!! additional pieces. The gallery is 100 pictures big, or 200, if you count that every picture is available in the gallery in two different versions, one with black font on white background and another with white font on black background.

Here is how the selection screen looks like (image is a slightly scaled down version of the action selection screen due to space limitation at my blog)

I was so excited that I also created a banner animation to promote the gallery.

You can put it on your website as well, if you like to.
Here is the code:


Cheers Carsten aka Roy/SAC

  1. Roy, you are a Pervert..:)

    No, actually it is nice stuff! Very Erte.

    You made all of these yourself?

  2. Ed says:

    Cool website.
    What font should I use to view the ASCII art correctly?
    At the moment everything looks wrong….

  3. Igor: It’s just nudity and there is nothing wrong with the human body :) … Believe it or not there also exists ASCII art porn (no kidding), but that is actually border line between funny and pervert.

    No, I did not create any of those. Most pieces are over 20 years old. Some are even PRE-Computer and were originally created on Teletype machines (RTTY Art). I only collect this stuff (not only nude, I have hundreds of megabytes of all kinds of text art, ANSI, ASCII, RTTY etc.

    If you want to learn more about ASCII art etc. Check out my ASCII Art Academy.

    Ed: if you want to look at block ASCII and ANSI properly, I recommend using ACiDView for Windows. You can download that for free at my download page..

    You were not referring to the ASCIIs and ANSIs on my site, right?

    True, it’s not using the original MS DOS font for the real text versions of the artwork. I use in most galleries a tool that generates images using the DOS Font. There is no font for Windows that is exactly like DOS. You can use “Terminal” in Notepad.

    I use on the website “Lucida Console” which is not exact, but close enough to get the general idea.

  4. Igor, well, I did not create one (objects and especially human bodies and faces are not my strength.. I am good at fonts though), however, I tweaked and enhanced one of ASCIIs in the gallery. Check out “nude386″, last row, second from the left :).

  5. Roy, is nude386 a Gesha girl?

    She looks Japanese! lol

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