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Published on: March 6, 2008

I mentioned in a post of mine from January, where I posted special Cirque du Soleil videos for the shows “O”, “Mystere” and “Kooza” that I am going to create some special videos for “KA” and “Zumanity” as well.

I have not been able to get around yet to work on the video for “KA”, but finished the two (yep, not one) videos for Zumanity based on the DVD documentary “Love Sick”. I decided to make two videos out of it, because I though that it would not make sense to mix the two togther. It would have been hard and probably not create a video that would have been better than the individual two.

The first preview required the most editing work on my part and uses for some sections music from the official Zumanity soundtrack in order to be able to connect several video snippets together and still make them seem like a whole. It’s still almost 8 1/2 minutes long and is the video that contains the most live action from the show itself.

Direct Link to Video on YouTube

The second video is almost 8 minutes long and consists of a long trailer by the Cirque itself and a nice slideshow, that was part of the bounus features of the “Love Sick” DVD.

Direct Link to Video on YouTube

I have seen the show twice already. The second time was slightly different than the first time, because many of the performers were replaced. I guess the main crew had vacation or something like that hehe. Although any Cirque du Soleil show has repeat view qualities, were those changes to my first experience very exciting for me, because I was not able to predict what will happen next in the show.

To watch the show yourself, life at the New York, New York hotel and casino, get tickets online here. The documentary DVD “Love Sick” is very good as well and interesting not only because of its snapshots of the actual show. You can get the DVD from Amazon here.

For more stuff Cirque du Soleil, make sure to check out my Cirque du Soleil primer and my old post that describes in greater detail most of the available DVDs that are available for purchase at large retailers.

The Cirque Goes Rock’n Roll
Another quick note on the side. I just stumbled a few days ago over a performance of the Cirque that I have not even heard of before. It was not publicized very much. It was also not posted at the Cirque’s website (including the Cirque Club Member section or Press Section (where I do have access to as well) for that matter). They had a short performance together with the rock band Apocaliptica last November in Buenos Aires, Argentina for Eurovision. It’s odd that they never mentioned it, but then, the performance might not be perfect for everybody. If you don’t like Metal and Hard Rock at all, you will NOT like this video.

Here is the full video of that 8 1/2 minutes performance.

Direct Link to Video on YouTube

I hope you enjoy it.

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

  1. Greg says:

    Hey there!
    Do you know of a video or mp3 of the fake boobs routine from the show? I do dragfor fundraising and woudl love to do it for a show.

    Greg/ AKA Marcia Mink Anne Gill
    Houston Texas- http://www.marciamink.com

  2. Hi Greg,

    You also commented at the videos on YouTube, right?

    No, I don’t have any video footage of this act, nor any of the other clown acts within the show.

    If you come across any video material yourself, please let me know, because I am also interested in that :).

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