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Date : February 17, 2008


About One on the Quest, to Burn a Legal CD

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Published on: February 17, 2008

I had some fun with copyright laws over the past weeks, mainly regarding video productions I did or re-published. I experienced different things, but one reminded me of a short story that I read over a year ago in the German IT magazine “CT”, which I am still subscribed to here in the US. I first scanned the original article, but then decided to also buy the digital version of the main article, which included this short story on the publisher???s website at I paid one Euro for it, even though I own the print magazine and also the PRO CD-ROMs where the story should also be on. I basically purchased the story three times altogether. I then translated to English as good as I could to make sure that the subtle humor is not lost because of my translation. I hope that what I did was enough to not infringe on any copyright for publishing it on my personal blog. Considering that this is also only a short “box story” within a main article, fair use might be applicable as well. Well, copyright laws and its application are not only hard to obey, but also hard to understand and to know for sure, if you are doing everything 100% alright and perfectly legal, or if something is missing and you are infringing on somebodies copyright. Even if you know what you need, is it sometimes hard to impossible to acquire it. Enjoy the story.About One on the Quest,[…]

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