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Date : February 10, 2008


Major Windows XP and Microsoft Media Player 11 Rant.. plus some tips

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Published on: February 10, 2008

I wasted today and in the past months a lot of time on solving a problem that is actually very simple and if you would believe the advertisements than there shouldn’t be a problem at all or a simple solution right around the corner. Well, that is obviously not the case.Lets start with an explanation of what am I trying to accomplish.Part 1. The Simple IdeaI have multiple computers in a home network. They all see each other and permission are set that each computer can access resources and data on each of the other ones.I also have a lot of media data. Music, Videos, Clip arts, Foley Sounds, Video Snippets etc. I converted most of my 300+ CDs to MP3’s, but only converted a fraction of my 200+ DVDs for several reasons. Anyhow, what I already have is a lot and nothing that I could copy from A to B with a thumb drive or USB stick. I also don’t want to have all those GB of data on each computer (which would not fit and does not make sense). No problem, you can buy for a fair price something called Network-Attached Storage Devices, which are basically hard drives in a smart external casing that allows not only access to them via USB 2.0 or Fire-wire, but to hook them up into the network and make them visible via network share to any other computer in the same SUB-C class network, if it authenticates itself properly. Well done, now[…]

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