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Date : February 4, 2008


DefCon 15 Session Videos and Audios Update

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Published on: February 4, 2008

It has been six months since the world largest hacker conference is over. I am referring to DefCon 15 of course, which was held on August 3 – 5, 2007 at the Rivera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.The educational sessions where video-taped, converted to .MOV format (Apple) and pressed on 10 DVD-ROMs, which were then sold for $299 at the conference and for $499 thereafter.Video DVD-ROMS on Google VideoI bought (pre-ordered) the DVD-ROMs at the conference and received the DVDs sometime in September 2007. I uploaded all of them to Google Video. You can find the links to the videos in this article and the three additional articles it refers to.People were asking me constantly for the videos for download rather than on a video sharing site. Some people reported that the download of the original video files (yeah, it???s a trick and not visible to the general user hehe) was also not working for all of the files for unknown reasons. Google must have screwed something up, that???s why is Google Video still in Beta, right?!Video DVD-ROM ISOsSo I spent countless hours to rip the DVD-ROMs, create nice ISO files out of them, then RAR and split them and finally ZIP and upload to Usenet. Ages later (no, I don???t have FiOS) were all ISOs finally up on the Internet. See this post of mine from November with all the details needed to download the ISOs.Well, maybe because of the fast availability of the videos or maybe[…]

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