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I have an account at the social network and artist community since March 3, 2006.

I looked at the statistics today and find it pretty interesting. Some numbers are not shown in the summary so I added them myself.

Stats Summary

Additional figures that were not provided in the summary by deviantArt.

The top four deviations by number of favorites.

  1. deviantART ANSI Logo (73 favs, 98 comments, 5266 views)
  2. deviantART Google Logo (24 favs, 64 comments, 2663 views)
  3. deviantART ASCII Logo (6 favs, 10 comments, 1126 views)
  4. TRSI Pixel Art VGA Logo (6 favs, 10 comments, 184 views)

My first ANSI for Melmac BBS is actually #4 by pageviews. It had 610 of them, which is three times more than the TRSI logo. However, the Melmac ANSI was never fav’ed though hehe.

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Published on: January 3, 2008

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  1. “Obsessed???”

    I guess so :)

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