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Date : October 31, 2007


Vaginal Massacre and Dream Design

Categories: Artscene, Oldskool, Pixel Art, SAC
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Published on: October 31, 2007

I know, the title is stupid, but the first part is the name of a dentro and the second part is the name of a guy who called himself that. I am sure that the name for the dentro was chosen to get the attention of people. I guess it worked, because this Amiga Dentro won the demo competition at Scoopex’s CeBit’1993 demoparty held in Hannover/Germany in… right, 1993. I am sure that many of you also just checked this post only out because of the title of it. The funny thing is that it does not use any offending slang words at all. Did you notice that? “Vaginal” is a perfectly fine term used in human biology and “Massacre” is also not slang. It’s not a nice word, but so is “murder” or “war”.Just FYI for the non-geeks who are not familar with the demoscene. A dentro is the short version for “disk intro” and is basically something in between a full “demo” and a basic “intro” in computer scene terms. A dentro is more than just an intro, but less than a full blown demo. What a “demo” and “intro” is, you have to find out for yourself Here is the video of the dentro “Vaginal Massacre”.Alternatives: Link to the video at and Link to the video at this one has a better quality and higher resolution, but requires a Facebook account to view it. You don’t have to be a friend of mine via FB[…]

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