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Published on: September 1, 2007

I added a new page to my site, which is dedicated to show videos that are about or related to text art and the subject that surrounds it, including the BBS scene, the demoscene and of course SAC, Superior Art Creations.

Visit the new ASCII Art Videos Section at RoySAC.com/videos/.

The section launched with 10 videos.

The first one is “The Art of Textmode” – Text Art History, a presentation at the Assembly 2004 Demo party in Helsinki, Finland by Christian Wirth aka RaD Man. I referred to that video earlier already in a blog post of mine from February and decided to put it somewhere on the site where it can be found more easily.

The second one is a short video by Creature of Hell/SAC – The Movie from 2001, showing off some of his pixel art skills.

The main part of the section is made up by the six videos, which represent the complete content of Jason Scott’s 3 DVD long documentary titled “BBS – The Documentary”. No, it’s not an illegal copy of the DVD’s. Jason put them up himself on Google Video, because he released the documentary under the creative commons licensing model to make its content easier accessible. Jason does of course appreciate support for his cause(s), which are surrounding the subject of BBS and actually were the triggers for him to create the documentary in the first place. You can support him via buying the real DVDs, pressed, not burned, with nice wrapping and paper box for example. You can get it via his website here or from Amazon.com, if you prefer them for any reasons.

Then I also put up two good examples of ASCIImation, which means animated ASCII or ASCII animation. The examples show two songs by more or less famous musicians who used ASCIImation for their music videos.

More videos will be added over time, especially videos of the old SACtros and cracktros the group did for others and which can not be started and watched on modern PCs without emulation of the old MS DOS operating system.

Btw. I extended the SAC section of RoySAC.com a little bit as well. I added more content and also found two music-disks that were released by SAC members when I was not part of the group anymore. I found them by accident and put them up on my site of course. :)

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

  1. strikelight says:

    silly Roy boy… good to see you’re still alive though 😉 Inspired me to get my old stuff up on the webby :p

  2. Ey, good to see that you are also alive and kicking :). I plan to expand the site slowly, because I have virtually no time. I want to get all the cracktros up as video, a complete membership list (need your email, website URL and first name (again :) )), a real SAC history page and also make all packs browsable on the web. One step at a time hehe. Shoot me an email (you can find it on my homepage, it’s my old one).
    Cheers! Carsten aka Roy/SAC

  3. thejasman says:


    just thought it’d let you know, that ‘jason scott’ didnt upload the bbs documentary to google video, another jason did. me 😀

    i re-encoded them and shrunk them down a bit. i think they look great though.

    you can see a full url list at


    if you dont feel like hunting them down.



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