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Published on: September 2, 2007

I was just browsing around a little bit at and found a video, which I remembered well from a couple of years ago. Its a video from the British band “The Prodigy”. They have a tendency to create controversy with their music and their videos, some might even say “crazy”, but what means crazy in this day and age?

I like a number of songs from The Prodigy, among my favorites are “Firestarter“, “Narayan“, “No Good“, “Out of Space” and “Breathe” … and this one…

Be warned, this video was even “too much” for the much more open European TV stations. MTV Europe had to take it off the air because of massive numbers of complaints by concerned parents and organizations. I think that taking it off the air was not a good decision. The video was not glorifying abuse and violence. I would say that it did exactly the opposite.

I don’t think that anybody with a single functional brain cell left would be encouraged to mimic the behavior shown in the video. It is not an unrealistic depiction of things as it is often done in Hollywood movies. People that behave like this do exist and the video shows very realistically all the “fun” and “ugly” aspects of this.

Full Length, Uncut Version of the Music Video by “The Prodigy” titled “Smack My Bitch Up

Warning! Viewers Desecration Advised!
Not Suitable for Children.

– Extreme Explicit Content
– Foul Language
– Drug Abuse
– Alcohol Abuse
– Nudity
– Depiction of Unsafe Sex
– Uncivil Behavior
– Violence

I hope I did not miss anything, but you get the idea. :)

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is not the uncut version. The heroin shot in the stall is lacking.

  2. “This is not the uncut version. The heroin shot in the stall is lacking.”

    I saw the video when it came out in Germany and Switzerland and can not remember such a scene. If there is such a version, then I have never seen it.

    It would not surprise me, if the German authorities censored the original video before it even launched there.

    The “Bundespruefstelle fuer Verbotene Schriften” has a long and embarrassing history of censorship.

  3. Anonymous says:

    here are scenes of the REAL un-cut version …

    I still haven”T found it though :(


  4. Interesting.. that means that there are even more versions of the video out there. … edited, censored and even more censored. Did the uncensored version ever aired? Maybe a day or two :)

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