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Date : September 23, 2007


New ASCII and ANSI Art Galleries

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Published on: September 23, 2007

When I added the SAC section to my site and new galleries with ASCII, ANSI and pixel art that were not created by me, did I say to myself “why not add other great art to the site as well”. Neo Tokyo ANSI by Somms/ACiD I was also inspired by who did an amazing job of making ANSI art available to look at on the web. Razor 1911 ANSI by Zebig/Razor 1911 I don’t want to create a file archive where you can find a lot of art, but have to download it first and use special software to be able to look at it. Jason Scott over at is doing a great job doing that.The new galleries are only the beginning. More will come over time.Okay check out the new ASCII Art Gallery and the new ANSI Art Gallery. ASCII Skull – taken from theNight Rising World ASCII by Olli/Black Maiden Famous Che Guevara head shot.Taken from the MIM NFO ASCII by m0/Chemical Reactions New Gallery FeatureYou will notice in detail page of the ASCII art pieces new buttons in the top left: “Snapshot Image”, “Text Version” and “Original (DL)”. Razor 1911 NFO file logo by JED/ACiD “Snapshot Image” is the default display mode. The ASCIIs (and ANSIs) are converted with a tool called PHP AnsiLove to a PNG image. This happens in real time based on the original ASCII or ANSI file. The result is very close to the looks of the text art in MS[…]

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