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Date : June 29, 2007


American Made – or Wasn’t It

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Published on: June 29, 2007

I have to post about a personal and not art related matter again, which is very important for me personally. I apologize for that before hand, but things like this are sometimes necessary. When I posted yesterday about the YouTube video about the labor certification, did I also read the comments to the article in InformationWeek that pointed me to the video in the first place.I also spend time to read some additional articles related to the subject, such as this one, titled“The H-1B Debate: Beneath The Policy, The Personal“.I left a comment there as well and decided today to post about the issue again and show some aspects of the issue, which are often overlooked and ignored during the debate.It often sounds like that America is doing foreign workers a favor by letting them into the country and work and produce in the United States. This is only true in some cases, but it is in all cases also the other way around. The foreign workers are doing America a favor. In fact, America would not be what it is today without them.You do not do me a favor by giving me a Green Card one day. You do yourself a favor, because if this is not going to happen, I will pack up and leave and take my business and ideas with me to another place, where my contributions to society is appreciated and wanted, not only financially (which makes a big junk of it though), but also[…]

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