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Date : June 14, 2007


ASCII Nudes Collection – 30 Years of Naked ASCII Art

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Published on: June 14, 2007

I was going through some of my ASCIIs in my vast archive and found a number of “interesting” pieces. Who said that ASCII text art is boring?Guess what, its actually pretty exciting at times. You have probably not seen some of the great pieces of nude ASCII art yet. Luckily for you did I spend the time to collect the best pieces of Nude ASCII art available from around the world and over 30 years. I created a special page for it on my site. The collection consists of 20 pieces of the finest nude ASCII text art showing naked girls. Some of the pieces are surprisingly realistic.I am proud to be able to present them to you here and now. You can choose between the display with white background and black font (default) to emulate the look under Windows (like with Notepad) or black background with white font (invert), which emulates the original DOS to some degree (Note: MS DOS did not have a white font as default. It was a light gray, but who is checking? hehe)Special “Boss Key” FeatureRemember the old days where some programs had a “Boss Key” feature that switched from whatever you were doing to something totaly innocent if you clicked it? It came in handy when your parents or your parents “other” child entered the room to check what you are doing. Guess what, the “Boss Key” is back :).You will notice the “Boss Key” to the top right when you open the[…]


Text Art Google Group

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Published on: June 14, 2007

I created today a Google Group titled “ASCII and ANSI Text Art”, but it is open to anything and anybody who and which is related to Text Art. For that reason is the short name and URL to the group “textart” instead of “asciiart” or “ansiart”. ASCII and ANSI text art Visit this group ?? Subscribe to ASCII and ANSI text art Email: Visit this group Those templates were provided by Google hehe. I created already a little resources page and also started a discussion about something that has always been a controversy. I will not tell you what that is, go check out the group and find out for yourself. A number of XML feeds are also available for anybody who can not live without. ?? ?? Atom 1.0 15 New messages50 New messages15 New topics50 New topics ?? RSS 2.0 15 New messages50 New messages15 New topics50 New topics ?? Lets see how it goes. Cheers! Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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