Year 2006 Review and Apologies

The year 2006 is history now and I am not sure If I did more than I did not do, but wanted to. The final count is not in yet, well, I might just add it to my to-do list for 2007 and let it slip into the 2007 “things I did not do, but wanted to” list. That would solve the problem just nicely.

My appologies to:

I am also sorry for having turned down the requests for ShAdY, iCU and Synthetica OrganizationSee it from the bright side boys, you did not make it on to the list of people I have to apologize to :)

I also apologize to “Idiana” who is doing a great job at kicking some lazy butts over at SAC and keep the boys going somehow. I have all SAC NFO’s already added to the SAC WIKI and then the damn thing crashed on me. I just did not get around to check what the problem is. Actually I did for 1 hour or so, but was not able to figure it out. I did not want to wipe it because of the content I already created.

But hang in there. We will get the content for a new official SAC Website with detailed Group and Member history together somehow. I only feel half as bad because of the fact, that things seemed to be “slow” on your end as well. There was not much movement on the current site, design-wise and other content.

It was great that I got the site up and all my artwork. That is at least something. The design of the site has a lot of room for improvements and I will do something for it when I get around to it.
I got around to create the cRO article at Wikipedia. At least something that was finished :)

Lets see how 2007 turns out. I still feel like being robbed of a few months in 2006. I still can’t believe that the whole year is already over.

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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Published on: January 2, 2007

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