The ASCII/ANSI Contest Is Over

Last week did the ASCII and ANSI contest at deviantART end. You can see all contributions to the contest here. I already made my judgements, but a few are still outstanding. That means that no results are available yet.

Yet I still want to present my personal favorite. The artists name is Berend-Jan Wever aka skylined.

His contribution is the 7bit ASCII called “Julia at Awakenings”. Here is a small version of the image. It is not original size. Click on the image to get to the deviation which is in original size that you can clearly see that it is made out of regular characters which you can find on your keyboard.

I like the style. I like the ASCII logo of his name actually even better. Especially this one. .

Yep, it’s a shark. I think that the Idea alone is already astonishing, let alone the realization by using simple text characters.

The following two logos look like “Disco” style.. without the bright colors hehe. I don’t like them as much, but they are somewhat cool anyway.

This one seems to be the predecessor of the contest entry. The Idea is already visible, but the realization is much simpler than for “Julia at Awakenings”.

Well, I am looking forward to hear the ruling. More to that later this week.

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Published on: December 19, 2006

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