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Date : November 30, 2006


The Non-Existent ASCII/ANSI contest extended!

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Published on: November 30, 2006

The deadline for the deviantART ASCII/ANSI art contest, which I blogged about earlier this month, was extended for a few more days. This will be the last chance to enter and win some great prices for everybody with some Text art skills who has not entered the contest yet. Also some other things changed a little. Here are the words from DiamonDie who is the initiator and organizer of the contest. Sorry for the bit of a late notice, but the deadline of the Non-Existent ASCII/ANSI contest has been pushed back by two weeks, making 9th of December the new deadline. Due to the very small amount of ANSI entries we’ll probably have to merge the two contest categories, but in that case we’ll be offering prizes (subscriptions and DVDs) to five winners. That means you stand a good chance of winning something! So those of you who have said you’ll participate but haven’t and those who have had their entries disqualified and have agreed to fix them, you’ve got two more weeks left. Even if you had missed the original contest announcement you still have time to draw an entry. So start typing already! There will also be a surprise which will be announced AFTER the contest (or it would not be a surprise, wouldn’t it? ) So you better get the Text Editors on the coming days and get something delivered before the new deadline. You can check the contests rules here, if you haven’t already done so[…]

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