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Date : August 5, 2006


Boy, what a day!

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Published on: August 5, 2006

Boy what a day. It is nice to have vacation, isn’t it? I have off since Wednesday, but I still have to finish something for the company. I promised it by monday. Well, there is a whole weekend ahead of me. Between this and working off things that are already way too long on my to-do list am I trying to get as much rest and sleep as possible. Today did I got the chance to rebuild my primary laptop (I have 2 laptops and 1 Server at home. Don’t ask … just because hehe.). It was slow like a “mother”. I had some hardware issues and I believe some of the installed software never really got over it.While I was working on the primary laptop, did I manage to move the Roy/SAC Pages, which include the Galleries that show all my ANSI and ASCII Text Art that is for a month now part of the public domain. About 950 Pages moved.Where did the stuff move to? To its own Domain/Website. The new Home for Roy/SAC is … guess … yes, That wasn’t too hard, wasn’t it? If you link to me, I would appreciate, if you could update the Link, but It should still work. I implemented a redirect from the old Pages to the new Site. Not just to the Homepage, but to the same Page you would have expected at the old… location (update: gone now).If you see anything “fishy” or encounter any weird errors[…]

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