Petition against CJ LMI

I forgot to post about the Petition against Commission Junctions Link Management Initiative.

I believe it was actually good that I post about it separately, because it would have gone lost in my very long post.

Scott Jangro started the Petition and almost 150 people signed and commented it by now already.

I encourage every Commission Junction Affiliate that sees this post to sign the Petition, because it will be in your own best interest.

Link to CJ-Petition against CJ’s LMI

The changes are very slim, that CJ will change their plans back, but at least will they know what affiliates are thinking about it.

It also sends a message to the Merchants at CJ who should have an interest in keeping Affiliates in general and also keeping them busy promoting their products rather than updating and re-programming all their Websites.

There might be a tiny chance to convince CJ to re-think their initiative , if Merchants and Affiliates let hear their voices together and say: NO-LMI!

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Published on: June 5, 2006

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