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Date : June 11, 2006


ValueClick Behavioral Marketing and Commission Junction LMI

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Published on: June 11, 2006

RecapABestWeb started commenting on Beth Kirsch Post “CJ’s Link Change an Indicator of an Integrated ValueClick Behavioral Marketing Network?” at ReveNews and credited me for “fleshing it out”.It was pointed out that “Kellie aka Ms.B” talked about this prior my blog post at this thread at ABW.To give credits to the right person, I have to give it to Wayne Porter who interview with the VC Exec at iMedia Connection on 5/30. Everything fell into place after I read it.I had the general feeling, that the Initiative is about tracking of additional data right from the beginning. That’s why did I call my rather sarcastic post on 5/26 “Are you ready for CJ Analytics?”.I knew that something was missing at that point. The CJ Podcast hardened this feeling and when I read the interview on 5/30 did finally everything make sense.I collected more information and did some more specific research before I posted my very long post on 6/5. I had more notes with more to cover, but it was already long enough. I posted some as comment at Beth’s post at ReveNews.Further ResearchI did some more research after it struck me on 5/30. ValueClick moves into an area DoubleClick has been before in 2000 and got the federal government involved.The Federal Trade Commission initiated an investigation of DoubleClick after a suit was filed in California alleging violations of the State Constitution. See the paper from July 2000 published at Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) was mentioned and their “self[…]

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