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Date : June 10, 2006


Soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany Started

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Published on: June 10, 2006

Today started the biggest Sport event in the world which is watched by more people than the Olympic Games.Four years ago did I receive some good meant comments from friendly fellow Americans, who reminded me, that the Superball is not this time of the year. The rest simply ignored me having no clue what I was talking about.But this year is everything a bit different. The fact that the American National Team beat first Mexico and then almost Germany, two “soccer nations”, the Information that they were making it as far as the Quarter Finals eventually got around in a Nation that considers Soccer a sport for Girls (The Women Soccer Team was always one of the Top Teams in the World).Back then when the US kicked Mexico out of the play-offs and moved up to the quarter finals took nobody notice, While the US Team had the success of their Life did the general US population (excluding the Latinos) watch the re-run of an old Seinfeld episode. Comments on the Day after reached from “I am not buying anything” to “That explains why the Mexican/American made such a long face today.”.Now it’s 2006 Time for another World Cup (every 4 years), this time being held in Germany, the country I was born and grew up in. I was amazed, that Americans began to mention that the soccer world cup is going to start in Germany soon.Today on Friday 6/9/06 was the opening match and the nation that was until[…]

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