Google Notebook launched.

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Published on: May 17, 2006

People bloged about it for a while already, secret Screenshots and Video Presentations made homepage news on sites like The waiting came finally to an end. Google’s new and highly anticipated service Google Notebook was launched less than 24 hours ago and is now open to the general public. Free of charge of course like all the other Google Services.

I seized the opportunity and signed up right away because I still remember what happened with other popular Google Services like Google Analytics or Google Pages shortly after they launched.

The run at the new service was high, people signed up like crazy and Google denied access to the service for new customers with the option to get added to a waiting list and get access months later.

I created 3 public Notebooks and will continue to play around with this new gadget for a bit to find an actual (practical) use for it.

If you want to have a peek, visit My public Google Notebook. It is nice, that you can share your Notebook with the public. What I miss is the option to share it only with friends (that also have a Google Account). I also would like to see the option to give others the right to add comments to my notes.

The option to allow or disallow comments and who is allowed to comment, should be an option per Note and also per Notebook.

Well, it’s a beta, isn’t it?

We will see how it develop and how people are going to use it. Nothing more than that will determine the future development of this new Google Service.


Roy/SAC aka Carsten Cumbrowski

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