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Date : May 26, 2006


Are you ready for ” CJ Analytics”?

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Published on: May 26, 2006

I didn’t see the simple kept email from Commission Junction which was sent on Tuesday night at first. It looked not important in the bulk of emails in my Inbox on Wednesday morning. I saw the announcement first at thread watch. The Threadwatch Post refers to Jeff Molander’s view on the topic and to Scott’s Jangro’s Blog Post which was very good in pointing out some of the major issues with CJ’s idea. I decided to leave a long comment there and showed even more problems with CJ’s plan to replace regular URL links with AdSense-Like or Google Analytics-Like JavaScript code. This post does repeat some of my comments, but from a slight different perspective. I also refer to statements made there a couple times without repeating them here. I recommend to read all the posts and comments and also check the hundreds of posts at the ABestWeb Marketing Forum and of course the source of all this trouble, CJ’s email announcement of their Link Management Initative (you do require a CJ Advertiser or Publisher Account for access).The PlanThe CJ JavaScript Ad’s can not be used in all cases. The option to get a different URL for email and another for PPC Advertising and another for product feeds is not going to work in all real-world scenarios eitherIt will get really ugly, if CJ is going to disable referrer tracking for a link that was created for one purpose, but is being used for a different one by the publisher.Here[…]

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