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Date : April 29, 2006


Google Pages – Fast Lane into Google Search Index?!

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Published on: April 29, 2006

The title of this post is not just hype, but a serious question.Here is what happened.I wrote and published 5 days ago on 4/24/2006 my article about my experiences and opinions about the current beta of Google’s new toy called Google Pages. Link to Full Article: Google Pages DemystifiedIt is now 4/29/2006, for only 3 hours, because it is right now 3:00 am in the morning here in Fresno/California. I got my usual email from at around 6:00 pm. is the commercial version of Google’s Free Service with the same name. It has some more features and options that the free version does not have. Anyhow, I use the service to monitor Google Search Results for important things that affect me personally or professionally, such a my Name, Artist Nick Name, Company Name, My Websites etc.Here is what I looked at and had me read it twice.The Account is now a bit over a week old and the content (5 Pages) is up for about 5 days now. The Site is already in Google’s index and here it comes: outranking a lot of old sites for the same key-phrase. It ranked #17 and when I checked now in complete disbelieve, was it still #17. The Search Results are for my companies name, VisionOne,Inc. (#24 if you count the indent sub-results). It outranked almost a 100 other websites (our clients for the most part), with an estimated 487,000 Pages indexed by Google. I am absolutely speechless. This is something[…]

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